Marie Rakušanová

prof. PhDr. Marie Rakušanová, Ph.D.

  • ředitelka (head) - Department of Art History

Department of Art History
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Her field of interest includes fine art of the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries, modernism and avant-garde. She approaches her research topics with broad overlaps into other periods and related fields, including contemporary philosophy. Her work is characterized by a strong methodological emphasis, with which she brings into domestic art history major themes that resonate in the field globally. As author or co-author, she is behind a number of major exhibition projects, such as Shout Your Mouth! The Assumptions of Expressionism (GHMP, 2007), Beings from Nowhere. Metamorphosis of Academic Principles in Painting of the First Half of the 20th Century (GHMP, 2008), Josef Váchal. The Magic of Searching (GHMP, 2014), Josef Váchal: Written, Engraved, Printed and Bound (ZČG, 2014) or Kubišta – Filla. The Pilsen Disputation (ZČG, 2019). In 2008, she was awarded the Josef Krása Prize for Art Historians under 40 for her innovative approach. She was the main author of the book Degrees of Separation: Bohumil Kubišta and European Avant-Garde, produced by an international team, which was nominated for the President’s Prize of the GAČR, the Magnesia Litera Prize and the Bedřich Hrozný Prize in 2020.

Choosed publications:

  • RAKUŠANOVÁ Marie (et al.). DEGREES OF SEPARATION. Bohumil Kubišta and the European Avant-Garde. 1. vyd. Praha: Karolinum, 2021. ISBN 978-80-246-4722-7. 728 s.

  • RAKUŠANOVÁ Marie. Kubišta – Filla. Zakladatelé moderního českého umění v poli kulturní produkce. 1. vyd. Brno – Plzeň: B & P – Západočeská galerie v Plzni, 2019. ISBN 978-80-7485-187-2. 296 s.

  • Marie Rakušanová, Is the Cubism that is Czech also Universal? Czech Art Theory (1921-1958) and Cubism as a Cultural and Transcultural Phenomenon. In: KEMP-WELCH Klara and HOCK Béata and OWEN Jonathan (et al.), A Reader in Central European Modernism 1918-1956. 1. vyd. London: Courtauld Books Online, 2019. ISBN 978-1-907485-10-7. s. 33–52.

  • Marie Rakušanová, Prague-Brno: Expressionism in Context. In: WÜNSCHE Isabel (et al.). The Routledge Companion to Expressionism in a Transnational Context. 1. vyd. London: Routledge, 2019. ISBN 978-1-138-71255-3. s. 33–55.

  • RAKUŠANOVÁ Marie. Writing on the History of Modern Art: From Particularism to a New Universalism. Umění / Art. 2021, 69, 2, s. 168–174.


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